Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Was it a drop of rain, or was it G-d’s tear?

I love my Jewish people. I feel their pain, I hurt their aches, I live their frustrations, I am angry with them when I have glimpses of their rebellious nature and I reprove them like I would a bad child who misbehaves. But then, I feel the urge, that need to take them by the hand and guide them back to the “Promised Land” They are all my brothers and sisters. They are my children and grandchildren.

No, it is not easy being Jewish. I do not envy G-d. To have chosen a nation that would fulfill His Divine command and mission must have been a hard task. For choosing us, Jews and Am  Yisrael, for that role,  we say “Thank you!” To continue to affix Himself with the same Nation that He has chosen despite their rebellious nature, their stubbornness and occasional defiance of Him is even harder. For His Love and His ongoing Blessings we say an even profounder “Thank you!”

Those of us who have had children know what I mean. We do not choose our children. We accept them with love and gratitude. Raising children is not easy. Yet, some of us do all we can to bring them up in the best possible way. We worry about them. We secretly cry their pain. We try to support them, guide them, reprove them and sometimes punish them. We pray for their well-being and success. We secretly hope that they will not fail themselves, us, and those who count on them. We shed a tear or two in the process and continue to hope for the best. No matter what, we still love them.

I asked myself this hot dry summer day, “Who does G-d pray to when His children disobey Him?”

He does not. He hurts. He soothes them. He hopes. He continues to love them and He cries.

I know because I just felt one of His tears.