Friday, 8 July 2016

Why I could never be a Socialist - Some Observations


“Mom,” my daughter asked me, one day, some fifteen ago, “are you a Capitalist or a Socialist?”

“Anyone who works hard for their money has got to be a Capitalist,” I answered without any hesitation.

We were living in New Zealand at the time. In fact, living there for as long as I did, is one experience that has been very instrumental in helping shape my views on the subject. Anyone who has ever visited New Zealand will surely agree with me that it is a Garden of Eden. Two small islands in the middle of the Pacific, still far from any threats as we know them in the Western world, no air force and few worries. The country is as close to the socialist dream as one could ever be. There are no homeless people in New Zealand (at least not when I resided there). The government takes good care of its citizens. Single parents are well cared for as are low income people. All are noble and high moral principles. The epitome of Socialism.

Make no mistake, I am all in favor of government social programs focused on supporting and helping those who are less fortunate in any society. Only cold hearted people would oppose such magnanimous values. I salute such governments.

I do, however, have a serious issue with socialism when it goes unchecked and turns into an abusive tool by those who­­ benefit from it. Eventually, I believe, it becomes a boomerang.  And that is what I, unfortunately, witnessed during much of the ten years that I lived there.

One example that comes to mind is the benefits awarded to single mothers. Watching many high school dropouts electing to get pregnant for the sole purpose of being a single mother so that they do not have to work, have an easier life while receiving government benefits and monies, sometimes more than any job could offer, perplexed me then. In the interest of continuing this life of convenience, they repeat the same when their child has reached that age when the mothers are no longer qualified for single motherhood benefits. They simply get pregnant again, sometimes, or rather most of the time, by a man who may never be part of the child’s future life. That cycle will then repeat itself until that mother reaches the age of retirement when she is eligible for government superannuation. And there are more examples of abusive practices directed at swindling and conning a system originally set with the best intentions for all.

Yes, I am aware that generalizations are always dangerous but I have witnessed many cases, enough to have formed the views that I hold.

Why, or what has prompted me to discuss the subject and particularly as it pertains to New Zealand, now? Very simple. I see a similar trend in Norway, another beautiful country that prides itself of great social values, a country which I have been visiting frequently lately.

Here, too, I see many single mothers, some choosing to live out of wedlock with their partners, the fathers of their children, again, for the purpose of squeezing as much as possible out of the government so that they do not have to work. I speak to people who claim to be unfit for physical work, yet engage in jobs that are much more demanding while being paid monies that are never declared.

Simple logic dictates that in order to be able to maintain socialism, one would need money, a lot of money or what we all know as capital. If so many live off a state and live well, we should stop and ask, who pays for it? How long can a country no matter how endowed it is, sustain and survive such practices or rather such antics by many of its citizens?

Saturday, 2 July 2016

אנא מכם, אל תצפו ממני....


עיני קהות מראות בעוד גלי הדמעות מציפים אותן. ליבי מדמם ונפשי בוכה. הצעקות המחרישות אוזניים של מהותי היהודית מסרבות לשכוך.

אני צופה בנפילת קורבנות הרשע . הם לבנים, כהים, צהובים. הם נוצרים מוסלמים והנדואים. הם עליזים הם רגילים. הם דתיים והם אתאיסטים. הם צעירים והם זקנים. הרשע אינו מבחין בצבע, אמונה או גיל. הוא הורס כל אשר וכל מי שעומד בדרכו להצלתו ולהתגשמות הנבואות המזעזעות שלו.

אולם, בארבעת חדרי ליבי היהודי, יש מקום לאבלם, לאובדנם ולכאבם של בני עמי היהודים. מדוע? משום שכפי שחזרתי והדגשתי בעבר, אם לא אני, מעטים מאוד ,אם בכלל, יעשו זאת.

אינני עומדת לבקש ממך או להתחנן בפניך, עולם יקר, להצטרף לאבלי. מעולם לא עשית זאת ולעולם לא תעשה זאת. אם אי פעם פעלת בנושא זה הרי שהיה זה אך ורק לסייע ולהמשיך לסייע בסלילת הדרך והסרת המכשולים העלולים לחסום את השביל בפני אלו אשר שואפים להפוף את עמי למוצר ניכחד בהיסטורית האנושות.

אנא, אל תצפה ממני להצטרף אליך בעוד סופר את מתיך, לאורך אותו שביל אשר עליו עמלת קשות לתכנן עבורנו. אינני יכולה, פשוט אינני יכולה. אני עדיין מתאבלת על מיליוני בני עמי אשר מתו באש המזבחות אשר אתם ואבותיכם הקמתם ביזע במאמציכם לטהר את העולם  מקללה ושמה "יהודים."

הדמעות אשר אנוכי מזילה עוזרות לכבות אש זו. למרבה הצער, אינך חדל מלהבטיח כי האש תמשיך לבעור ולגבורה יותר מאשר הדמעות אשר עיני המתייבשות מסוגלות לייצר.

אז אנא ממך, אל תפצה שאצטרף לכאב. הצלקות של כאבי דוחות, תודות למאמציכם, את תהליך ההחלמה מצערינו הרב. אין לי פנאי ואין ביכולתי  להשתתף בכאבך. הקהת את רגישותי לסיבלך. הטעם המר של התרופה אשר האכלת את עמי הרעילה אותנו. היא אכזבה אותך. הפכנו להיות אדישים לה. למרבה הצער היא הפכה אותנו לאשר הינכם-חסרי רגשות.

מעשיך והתנהגותך הנאלחת, הכריחו אותנו להמציא תרופה משל עצמנו. אפילו שם יש לה, "עמנו היהודי הינו בראש מעינינו!" אנו דואגים למענו בראש ובראשונה. אם אויבינו המשותף, אותה מפלצת אשר ילדתם, האכלתם וטיפחתם מותירה את קורבנותיה היהודים לצד אלו שלכם, אנו נתאבל עליהם קודם. אנו נזכור ונזכיר אותם לפני שנעשה זאת לקורבנותיכם.

אנא, אל תצפו מאיתנו לנהוג אחרת

Please do not expect me.....


My eyes are blurry as the waves of tears are flooding them. My heart is bleeding and my soul is crying. The deafening shrieks of my Jewish essence refuse to fade.

I watch the falling victims of evil all around me. They are white, black, yellow. They are Christians, Muslims, Hindus. They are gay, they are straight. They are religious and they are atheists. They are young and they are old. Evil sees no color, no creed and no age. It smites anything and anyone who stands in its way towards its own redemption towards the fulfillments of its revolting prophecies.
The four chambers of my Jewish heart, however, have room to mourn and hurt the pain, the loss of only my people. Why? Because, as I repeated time and again, if I don’t, very few others, if any, will.

I am not going to beg you, plead with you, dear world, to join me on the journey of my bereavement. You never did, you never will. If anything, you only helped and continue to help pave the way and remove the roadblocks that hamper the path for those who target us, those who wish to turn us into an extinct specimen in the history of mankind.
Please do not expect me to join you when you mourn and count your dead strewn on the very same trail that you have toiled so hard to devise for us. I cannot, I simply cannot. I am still mourning millions of my people who died in the fires of the altars of history, alters that you and your ancestors sweated so hard to erect in their efforts to purge this world of a plague called “Jews.”

The tears I shed help extinguish those fires. Unfortunately, you never tire to ensure there are more fires than the gashes which my drying eyes could ever yield.

So please, do not expect me to join you in your pain. The scars of my ache reject, much with your unrelenting support, the healing process of my own agony. I have no time, no ability to share yours. You have numbed my sensitivity to your suffering. The bitter taste of the medicine you have been feeding my people has intoxicated us. It has failed you.  We have become indifferent to it. Unfortunately, it has made us like you, oblivious.

Your antics have forced many of us to produce our own medicine. We even have a name for it, “Our Jewish people come first!” We care for Jews first. If our common enemy, the monster you have given birth to, fed and nurtured, leaves our Jewish victims next to yours, we will mourn ours first. We will remember and commemorate ours before we do yours.

Please do not expect us to do otherwise.