Monday, 10 August 2015

Only in Israel!


Today, I had an appointment a few miles away from home. Naturally, I took the car as it was a very hot day. As I was looking for a parking place, I spotted one in front of a single family residence. An older woman came out shouting at me to remove my car as she was reserving it for her son. I told her that as I could not see any "reserved" sign nearby, i had the right to park there. She got very upset and I decided out of respect to look for another place which I found nearby. As I was making my way to my destination, I passed by her house and she was still outside. I asked her where she was from 
"Libya," she answered "And I have been in this house for close to 70m years," she added proudly.
Yes, she was in Libya during the war and the Nazis did round up her family leaving her in the care of strangers.

I was really touched by her story as it was only in recent years that I learned about the plight of some of the North African Jews under Nazi occupation.
She told me her story and also shared with me that she was receiving reparations from the Germans.
I could not help it but had to give her a warm hug. She invited me into her house and offered me some of her delicious food.

When I left her, my heart was smiling. It was smiling for two reasons. The first because I felt that Justice was done to my people. This woman was compensated for the harm that was caused to her and to her family and only because she was, like me, Jewish. The second, I turned a potential foe into another dear acquaintance into whose home I am always welcome. Life is great, especially in Israel. Shabbat Shalom 

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