Saturday, 12 November 2016

The Silence of the Donkeys

We are witnessing a sad phenomenon nowadays. The U.S. is divided almost in the same manner it was before and during the Civil War in the early 1860’s.

The difference is that, unlike then, nowadays, it is not about some painful and revolting issues such as slavery and inequality. This time, it is about exercising some healthy and democratic tenets, Freedom of choice and the freedom to practice that which is innate in every free and enlightened society. The right to vote for one’s choice is what I am referring to.

The American voting system was decreed by the forefathers of our Republic. It was so decreed that the candidate that gets most of the electorate votes, is the chosen candidate. Our great U.S. A. has voted like that for over two centuries.

Many of us have voiced our dissatisfaction with this system but have done little if anything to change it. I remember the contested elections during the Gore Bush season. I also remember that as an Al Gore voter, I was upset. However, I accepted the verdict and supported Bush in his efforts to ensure the well-being and safety of the American people.

I certainly did not think then of going out to riot, cause havoc and use violence to express my dissatisfaction with the results. I would not have contemplated it ever, not then, not now even if the Democratic candidate, whom I oppose, had won.

Moreover, I am very upset, to put it mildly, to see protesters burn our flag. The Star-Spangled-Banner is the flag of the great U.S.A. It is the symbol of everything anyone anywhere else in the world could ever dream of! It stands for freedom, equality, opportunity and rights. It is the subject of our National Anthem It is the symbol of the Land of the Brave and the Land of the Free. For me personally, it is the symbol of the power that liberated my parents from the Nazi death camps.

Yes, I know, some will be quick to correct me and point out that back in 1989, Supreme Court Judge Scalia  was the fifth and deciding voter (Texas vs. Johnson) that upheld the decision that flag burning is a form of expression. A year later, he also voted against a federal law that banned flag burning.

And that, too, is part of what the Star-Spangled banner stands for, freedom of expression and freedom to choose one’s own candidate and one’s own form of government and policies democratically and openly.

Sad that some Donkeys do not get it!

It is not the voters that I direct my anger at. They have a right to be unhappy and protest. It is the leaders that they voted for that I direct my criticism against.

They promised us that they will work to make America great. They promised us that they will be there for us.

Well, your humble servant is one of those us. And this humble servant would have hoped that those same leaders would continue to stand by their promise to make us great, to unify us, work together towards one common goal and make America great again.

Instead, they have chosen to remain silent, sit and watch American brothers and sisters fighting against each other, boycotting and slandering each other. Have they forgotten parts of our bloody history?

I am glad I am in the elephants’ camp. After all, they say that elephants have a long memory!


  1. Thank you BatZi for all your insights. As you may know I am currently suffering a 30 day ban on both my facebook accounts as the loony Leftist fascists will take any excuse to silence us. All the best, Martin John Donohoe.

    1. Thank you for your comment ValleyGal. Sad that matters have come to that!

    2. Thank you Martin. Seems that either they cannot handle facts being shoved down their throat or facts distort their reality...

  2. Thanks for your patience, John Donohoe. It looks like your photo does follow our Community Standards, so we're restoring it to Facebook now. We're sorry for the confusion, and we appreciate you asking us to take another look. Feedback like yours will help us avoid this kind of mistake as we work to keep the Facebook community safe in the future. Thanks again for your help and understanding. AND YET I AM STILL BLOCKED FROM POSTING.....

    1. Yep, just as I thought. They are confused by the facts or as they say in Yoddish, they are fermisht ...


  4. Batzi, I heard my little phone sound off that I had a message and voila! It's from you, my dear friend! Your blog rings so true!
    These incitements to riot and destroy lives, feelings, and trying to prove that electing TRUMP as President is wrong is nothing but anger being cast over our nation! It's disgusting, vile, and gets nobody anywhere!
    It merely shows stupidity of the rioters and those who back them!
    I told a friend yesterday that they need TO have the media to ignore them! Give them nothing in the way of attention because that attention is what they want, what they crave! Do as Sheriff Arpejio(sp?),from Arizona, would do ... Break out the tents and jail these idiots! I recall my Hippie days and the Democratic Convention in Chicago ... Grant Park, and my first smell of tear gas! Would I do it again? NO! I've matured enough to know that an election is a privilege, that the people have spoken with their votes! All of this devisiveness does nothing but hurt our country! I'm embarrassed that adults even have the audacity to act like animals having temper tantrums!

  5. Beautifully written !!! Right on point Batzi .. Everything you said is the basis of our system that works for everyone , rich , poor , every ethnicity , religion and race .
    The United States has in place , all the protections and freedom of speech to express individual ideas and political ideology that reflects the needs of the citizenry of the nation ... Not perfect , but the foundation of and with checks and balances that come into play occasionally .
    More people should use these freedoms to express themselves in a way that promotes their objections with respect to those that disagree ... Not in violence and with malice
    Well done , my dear friend and fellow patriot !

    1. Thank you froter. Long live the U. S.A. (Y)

  6. Sharp and to-the point analysis as always, Batzi dear <3 -Thanks much for the heads-up !