Thursday, 20 December 2018

An Open Letter to FB

Dear Facebook,

I was just released from your 30 days “jail.”

Let me tell you, and I know I speak for others who might be afraid of your response to their attempts to challenge you for similar grievances, about a few newly discovered observations as it is not the first time I am being privileged to be banned from posting.

Privileged? Some may ask. Yes, privileged, I say.

As some of your “judges” may know (after all, you are reading each one of our posts, don’t you?!) I have recently started my studies towards a PhD. Additionally, I am  at the last stage of submitting for publication, my second book, “Waltzing the Waves,” which I am working together with my wonderful editor Dr. Sandra Alfonsi.

Being “jailed” by you has actually freed me for these far more important tasks than engaging in debates that rarely contribute to anything and mostly end with foul-mouthed comments (and in your case with being jailed) for merely trying to warn others against the antics of dishonest people who use every trick in the book to lure innocent and naïve victims into their web of deceit. It has also spared me the need to be witness to your gross injustice against and efforts to silence the few forces of Light while enabling the forces of Evil to continue their spouting of hatred and incitement to violence.

I am also glad that your “Appeals Process,” the one your founder told the Senate about, is practically nonexistent. Again, as you well know, since you seem to miss very little on FB, I have tried a few times to appeal your harsh verdict merely to continuously be ignored. Had you had a proper one, and had I been successful in appealing my “jail” sentence, I would have spent more time fighting it than on my more important and far more rewarding academic goal.

And BTW, I have also noticed that even if I am “Jailed”, you keep sending me messages “reminding” me of previous milestones in my life and suggesting I share them with my friends, or reminding me that people miss me, asking me to write something. Here is one such example that I received recently, one of several while I was “jailed” by you:

Oh really? Of course they have not heard from me for a while. Have you forgotten that you put me in “jail” and banned me from posting? Likewise, offering me your occasional “business” proposal while I cannot respond (not that I will enter any business ventures with you!), is nothing but a mockery to me. What exactly is that supposed to mean? Have you lost all decency, integrity and dignity towards those members who have for years engaged over your pages and helped you, yes, helped YOU get to where you have?

You probably have also noticed (after all, while you are sitting there playing G-d determining who by water and who by fire and missing very little) that I did not even bother to create another profile to evade the “jail” sentence? I have been there. I have done that. NO MORE!

In short, my recent experience of being banned has been nothing but a blessing in disguise.

For that I owe you so much and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Alternately, I have decided to put YOU at the bottom of my priority list and visit you only WHEN I must  or when I have nothing better to do. It is sad indeed because you could have used this tool, called Face Book to bring people closer and make this world a better, safer and more promising place. Evidently, it is not on your list of “things to do!” After all, since when do Peace and harmony attract and gain spectators and an audience, two groups that you seem to have thrived on from the moment of your inception?

You may choose to remove me forever from here due to this post which you may consider as going against your “Community Standards.” If that is the case, then so be it. I promise you that I will not panic, or get desperate. You have plenty of these here. I do have a life, and it is not ONLY virtual. 

The only ones I will miss are the good people the ones  I learn so much from, the ones who bring so much light into my world and into the world of FB. And that, dear FB, is the worst punishment of them all!

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